Honoring Our Furry Friends: Dog Cremation & Memorial Options in Salt Lake City

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No one wants to think about the inevitable day that we will all have to say goodbye to our best friends.
Our pets often hold a unique and cherished place within our families, offering us endless joy, comfort, and companionship. Yet, when the moment arrives to bid farewell to our dear furry friends, the desire to commemorate their memory in a meaningful way is only natural. In Salt Lake City, there are compassionate and considerate choices for preserving your pet’s legacy, which include not only memorial services but also dignified pet cremation options for the afterlife.

In-Home Pet Euthanasia Near Salt Lake City

Before we get into ways you can always remember your best friend, we wanted to tell you about in-home euthanasia, which is a great option for many families and pets. 

Why Consider In-Home Euthanasia? 

Many dogs have fear and anxiety about going into vet offices, understandably so. If you think your pet may feel overwhelmed by fear and anxiety to be in a clinical setting, in-home euthanasia is an option to consider. 

In-home euthanasia can also make the process easier on you, the owner. It takes away the travel aspect and it also allows you to begin processing your grief in the comfort of your own home. Many providers also offer options to transport your beloved pet

Here is a list of places that offer in-home euthanasia in and around Salt Lake City. Many of these specialists also offer a variety of ways to memorialize your pet.  View your options for Salt Lake City, Utah, Davis, Weber, and surrounding counties here.

Dog Cremation And Burials In Salt Lake City

After you lose your pet, deciding what’s next can be a decision you don’t feel equipped to make so here are some options to ease your mind during the grieving process.


Dog cremation offers a heartfelt and cost-effective way to honor your beloved canine companion. Beyond the emotional closure it provides, cremation also allows you to keep a part of your dog with you or scatter their ashes in the places they cherished the most. The significance of this choice lies in the bond you shared with your furry friend, and the memories you want to hold close even after they’re gone.

In Salt Lake City, you’ll find a range of caring and professional establishments that offer pet cremation services to assist you in this difficult time. These facilities understand the importance of providing a dignified farewell to your loyal friend and are equipped to cater to your specific preferences and needs.

Now, let’s delve into some ideas on how to preserve your dog’s ashes and explore the options available for pet cremation services in Salt Lake City, so you can make the choice that best reflects your pet’s legacy and the enduring love you hold for them.

Photo courtesy of Major Street Pet Services

Major Street Pet Services

Major Street Pet Services in Salt Lake City can help you organize a memorial service for your pet. They also offer burial services and cremation. In addition, they have a pet obituary section online and they can help with transportation of your loved one.

Find pricing information for Major Street Pet Services here. 

Pet Reflections

Pet Reflections in Salt Lake City offers both private and group cremation, depending on your budget and individual needs. If you opt for a private cremation, they will return your dog’s remains in a velvet bag inside of a high-quality wood urn. You’ll also get a remembrance card and a clay paw print depending on which package you choose.

Find pricing and package information from Pet Reflections here.

Family Animal Services

Family Animal Services, located in Salt Lake City, offers both private and communal cremation services. In addition, they have a variety of methods to help you remember your pet if you choose to have their remains returned to you. Family Animal Services recommends calling for pricing information.

Paws In Heaven

Located in South Salt Lake, Paws In Heaven is a family-owned pet funeral home and crematory. Paws In Heaven can help you through every stage of losing a pet, they offer in-home euthanasia, pet transportation, cremation and memorial products. They have a variety of products to help you memorialize your best friend like urns, paw print molds and jewelry.

Find pricing and memorial information here.

All Paws

Located in Sandy, Utah, All Paws offers cremation, memorial products and resources for grief support. They understand that losing a pet is one of the hardest things for families to endure. In addition to cremation services, they offer a variety of urns, jewelry and paw print molds to help you memorialize your pet.

All Paws recommends contacting them for pricing and service information.

Pet Burial Services

If you’d prefer to lay your pet to rest in a place you can visit, pet burial might be the best option for you. According to Utah law, it is legal to bury your pet on your own private property as long as it is done within 48 hours of passing.

If you’d prefer a pet cemetery burial, Salt Lake has one option for a cemetery-type burial.

Photo courtesy of Memorial Mountain view Cemetary and Pet Garden

Memorial Mountain View Cemetary and Pet Garden

Located in Cottonwood Heights, you’ll find Memorial Cemetary and Pet Garden. The pet garden is a gorgeous space with trees and water features, making it a beautiful spot to lay your beloved pet to rest.

For pet services, they recommend calling or reaching out through the online contact form.

Remember Your Pet By Giving Back

Sometimes one of the best ways to begin the process of healing from grief is to help others. One of the best ways to memorialize your pet is to make a monetary donation or donate your time to an organization that helps animals. 

Here are some local animal charities you could consider donating to, many of them are also in need of volunteers or donated pet supplies, so the options on how you give back are endless. 

If you are missing the love of a dog, but not ready to dive in and get a new pet for your home just yet, fostering is a great way to give back to your local pet community and get yourself some good puppy snuggles. Many shelters and rescue organizations are looking for foster families who have experience caring for pets, simply reach out and see if you meet their qualifications.

Nuzzles & Co. Memorial Garden

Nuzzles & Co. can make your memorial donation a little more meaningful with their Rainbow Bridge memorial garden. By making a donation to the rescue, you can get a plaque or tree to memorialize your dog in their beautiful garden and the rescue ranch in Summit County. For donation memorial information, check them out here.

Plant A Tree In Honor Of Your Dog

Gardening can be so therapeutic and planting a tree in honor of your dog is a great way to start healing but it also gives you something in your yard to always remind you of your best friend. You could dedicate this special corner of your yard to your pup with a custom stepping stone. 

Here is a list of some of our favorite nurseries and garden centers around the Salt Lake valley to help get you started. Millcreek Gardens has a large selection of trees that will grow well along the Wasatch Front. 

Along with the tree, we’ve also seen folks dedicate this part of their yard for other dogs and owners to enjoy by including things like treats and free little library in honor of your pet. Having this area can connect you with other pet owners to help you feel less alone during this hard time.

Get A Tattoo To Honor Your Dog

Salt Lake City and the surrounding area have no shortage of tattoo shops and if you are into body art getting a tattoo to remember your dog could be the perfect memorial for you. 

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

And memorial tattoos don’t always have to be portraits, you could get something more subtle like an outline of their ears or their name in a delicate font. When people ask about your tattoo you’ll be able to share the memories of your dog with them.

Pet Funeral Services In Salt Lake City

If you are looking for a more extensive way for your family to say goodbye to your beloved dog, a pet funeral home may provide what you are looking for. 

Major Street Pet Services in Salt Lake City can help you organize a memorial service for your pet. They also offer burial services and cremation (discussed above). In addition, they have a pet obituary section online and they can help with transportation of your loved one.

Find pricing information for Major Street Pet Services here. 

Make A Pet Memory Box

A doggy memory box is a way for you and your family to spend some time together remembering the good days with your pet. You can either use a box you already have around the house or check out these fancier ones on Etsy

Everyone in your family can bring objects from your dog or that remind them of your dog to keep in the box. Things like collars, favorite toys and photos make great additions to the memory box. The box can then be kept somewhere private or as a decoration in your house, whatever works best for your family’s situation. 

While you all put the box together you can talk about your favorite memories of your dog.

Memorial Keepsakes For Your Dog

Petco Memorials

Petco offers a variety of things to memorialize your dog. The memorial section of their website is also a great way to get started in thinking about which mementos will be perfect for your family. 

The pet store, with locations across the Wasatch Front, offers custom memorial stepping stones for your garden or outdoor memorial, ornaments and personalized photo frames. 

Lap Of Love

Lap of Love is a service featured in our in-home euthanasia article but they also offer a variety of keepsakes to memorialize your pets. 

They have a lot to choose from like custom plush toys, handcrafted jewelry and their specialty parting stone as options to always keep your pet close. Parting Stones use cremated remains to make a stone that you can always keep with you or in your house.

Photo courtesy of Happy Paws on Instagram

Happy Paws Pet Portraits

A custom, watercolor portrait of your best friend is a great way to remember them. You can hang it anywhere in your house for a smile every time you walk by. 

Susie Hubbard is @happypawsinsta on Instagram. She specializes in painting pets, including dogs. You can start getting a custom painting of your dog and check out her work here

Custom Jewelry On Etsy

Etsy is a goldmine for customizable gifts and products. You can get your dog painted or printed onto almost anything, including Holiday ornaments (which is such a lovely way to remember your dog). 

But, we will focus on Etsy’s custom jewelry to help you remember your dog after they’ve passed.

If your dog has an adorable set of ears (and let’s be honest, they all do) this necklace from Etsy is the perfect way to wear your best friend with you all the time.

Most pet parents have thousands of adorable photos of their dogs and this featured picture necklace is a beautiful way to put one to use in remembering your beloved pet.

This pet portrait necklace is a beautiful, yet minimalistic way to remember your pet and always carry them close to your heart.

If you aren’t really a necklace person, this engraved pet portrait ring is a great option for memorializing your pet. Rings are great because you can wear them on your finger or on a chain around your neck.

Similar to the ring above, these personalized cuff links are a perfect way to remember your pet. They would also be a great way to incorporate your dog into your wedding.

If none of these options feel quite right, searching “custom jewelry” on Etsy will bring up so many options, from subtle earrings to statement necklaces, you’re sure to find something to memorialize your lost pet.


If you’re looking for somewhere to keep your dog’s cremated ashes, SkyUrns are lovely vases where you can keep ashes and plant a house plant in honor of your dog. They have a special section on their website for pet memorials and Urns. They are modern and sleek-looking and come in a variety of colors.

SkyUrns also offers gift cards, so if you know someone who has recently lost a pet, this would be a great way to show your sympathy. 

We would like to remind you that there is no correct way to grieve and pet loss can be an incredibly hard thing to go through. If you find yourself in need of extra support therapy can be a useful tool to help process your grief. You can check out online therapy from places like Better Help and Talk Space or find a local therapist on Psychology Today

Our love is with you during this hard time.

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