Visiting The Utah State Capitol Cherry Blossoms With Your Dog

It is almost peak cherry blossom season at the Utah State Capitol so it is nearing the perfect time to take your dog up on the hill for some beautiful photos. With over 400 trees along the three quarter mile circular path, it’s a wonderful way to elevate your typical dog walk.

Heading over to the Utah State Capitol to catch the cherry blossoms in full bloom is a chill springtime adventure in Salt Lake City, especially if you’re all about combining some historical vibes with Mother Nature’s own party tricks. Picture this: a backdrop of one of the most majestic buildings around, but then, nature throws in a splash of pink and white cherry blossoms to take the views (and your photos) to the next level. 

This isn’t just a treat for your eyes; it can be a whole day trip with your dog. The Capitol Hill area turns into something out of a storybook, where the blooms bring everyone together – locals, visitors, and yep, even our four-legged friends (it does get pretty busy on the weekend, more on that below). It’s the perfect spot to let your furry pal sniff around and make new friends, all while you’re soaking in those serene, picturesque views.

Think of it as your springtime must-do: grabbing your dog, your camera, and maybe a picnic basket, and heading out to witness this spectacular display. And with the season changing, hopefully, you’ll catch one of those warm, sunny SLC Spring days. 

This little dog friendly adventure is where the beauty of nature and the buzz of the city come together in the most Instagram-worthy way possible.

Utah State Capitol Dog Rules

Dogs (excluding service dogs) are not allowed inside the capitol building, but that won’t be a problem if you are just there to check out the blooms. They must also stay leashed during your entire visit and under your control.

There will be a lot of other dogs and their owners around enjoying the area, so keep that in mind if your pooch doesn’t love crowds. 

And, as we always remind you, don’t forget the poop bags. It’s your job to clean up after your dog so these lovely places stay open to our best friends for years to come. 

Best Time Of Year For Cherry Blossoms At The Utah State Capitol

Your best chance at catching the blooms at their peak is during the last week of March and first two weeks of April, depending on how the weather has been. Typically a warmer Spring means earlier blooms. 

You can follow @utstatecapitol on Instagram for bloom updates to plan your outing.

Parking At The Utah State Capitol

OK, here is where things can get a little less relaxing, but don’t worry, if you’re reading this you will be well prepared. 

If possible, you should avoid going on weekends because it gets very busy and parking can be a challenge. 

There is street parking available along the South-East and East side of the building (highlighted in yellow above or you can park in the free parking lot available on the northeast side of the Capitol (highlighted in blue). Click here for exact coordinates via Google Map.

Don’t worry if you do have to visit on the weekend, just try to get there earlier in the morning or be prepared to be patient with others as everyone tries to view this seasonal spectacle. 

More On Cherry Blossom Trees

The planting of cherry blossom trees in prominent locations, especially near government buildings or in public parks, is often inspired by gift exchanges or cultural initiatives to symbolize friendship, peace, and renewal. This practice is particularly influenced by the Japanese tradition of “hanami,” the viewing of cherry blossoms, which has spread globally.

In many cities across the United States, cherry blossom trees have been planted as a result of gifts from Japan or local initiatives to foster community and celebrate nature. The trees serve not only as a beautiful spring spectacle but also as a bridge between cultures and a reminder of the importance of environmental preservation.

Utah’s 433 famous cherry blossom trees were originally a gift from the Japanese government following World War II. Unfortunately weather and age contributed to the replacement of most of the trees. The beautiful blooms you see today were part of restoration project in the mid-2000s.

And just because we know you’re curious, typically this type of Cherry Blossom tree doesn’t produce cherries, because they are bred for flowering not fruiting. Occasionally, some types can produce very small, sour cherries that are great for birds but not humans.

Salt Lake City Dog Photographers

We know you can get AMAZING photos on your phone and that your dog will make any photo pop, but if you’re interested in having professional photos taken when you visit the Utah State Capitol during Cherry Blossom season, Utah has some amazing pet photographers. 

Tip: Make sure to book well ahead of time, this is VERY BUSY time for local photographers. Everyone wants those gorgeous spring photos. 

We have a full rundown on Salt Lake’s pet photographers and how to get your pup camera ready here. 

Check Out Nearby Memory Grove Park And City Creek Canyon

If you want to take your dog for some off leash playtime, check out nearby Memory Grove Park. If you’ve parked along the east side of the Capitol, you’ll find an easy, paved pathway that brings you straight into the heart of Memory Grove.

Memory Grove is located just north of downtown, this area is a little oasis within Salt Lake City. Head through the main portion of the park (dog must be leashed) to the mouth of City Creek Canyon to access a wonderful off leash trail on the east side that runs parallel to a creek. While the path gets narrow at times, this a great option to get in some exercise for both you and your pup after visiting the blooms! Be cautious of high and swift water during spring runoff season.

You can find more of Salt Lake City’s best dog parks here. 

You can also check out City Creek Canyon very easily from the State Capitol. City Creek Canyon is a paved road that travels up a gorgeous canyon on the west side of the creek. It is closed to cars, so it’s a perfect place for a long afternoon walk with your pooch. Keep in mind, this area requires dogs to be kept on a leash. 

Nearby Dog Friendly Resturants

If packing your own picnic doesn’t sound appealing to you or you want to explore more of what downtown SLC and Capitol Hill have to offer, you can check out one of the many amazing dog friendly restaurants in the area. 

Here are a few spots for food and drinks in the area that we love. But you can always check out our interactive map for all of the dog friendly places in the area.

Mountain West Cider

While they don’t serve food, Mountain West Cider is a great spot to grab a refreshing beverage. And sometimes, there’s a food truck! They have an adorable outdoor “Garten” for you and your dog to enjoy a nice spring day together after taking some photos at the Capitol. 

Handle Bar

Behind the Capitol building, you’ll find Handle Bar. The dog friendly patio is partially covered and features several heaters. A significant number of vegetarian and vegan options make this a great place for all. 

A small dog run is available for some quick off leash play or to hold your pup while you get another drink. 


A true treat. Whether you are looking for a little sweet treat or a decadent brunch Gourmandise is sure to please. This European inspired cafe and bakery is a local favorite in Salt Lake City. If you’re going on a weekend, check online for reservations. 

Taqueria 27 – Downtown

Tacos and margaritas with your dog, sign us up! Taqueria 27’s Downtown location is laid back spot for yummy Mexican fare. They have an outdoor seating area looking out into Salt Lake City so you can enjoy some food and drinks while relaxing with your dog. 


If you’re looking to keep things fresh and healthy, Zest is a plant-based restaurant featuring a wide variety of vegetarian, vegan, organic, and gluten-free dishes. They have a fun cocktail menu and delicious brunch. It’s located in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City, so it will be easy to get there from the State Capitol. 


A true Salt Lake City classic, Squatters brewery in Downtown Salt Lake City has the perfect spot to grab a relaxing lunch with your dog. While you relax in the outdoor seating area, you can enjoy a local beer from their expansive list and some great or appetizers. 

We hope you have fun on your date to see the Cherry Blossoms at Utah’s State Capitol with your dog. We would to see your whimsical, spring photos – tag us @dogfriendlyslc on Instagram. 

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