Salt Lake City Pet Photographers

Lights! Camera! Paws! 

We love Salt Lake City for its beautiful surroundings and many outdoor adventure spots. 

As much as we enjoy a good hike every weekend, one thing we also like to do outdoors is find a good photographer who can take a set of wonderful photos for our pups. It’s not hard to get a photographer to accommodate adding your pups into your family photo session but did you know that there are photogs out there who specialize in specifically capturing shots of dogs? 

Capturing fun memories with your dog lets you watch them grow, celebrate milestones, and really highlight them as a member of your pack. While we all have phones in our pockets, having a professional capture you and your pup is a priceless experience.

Luckily there are several photographers around Salt Lake that specialize in pets!  A specialized pet photographer can help with posing, getting a pet’s attention, hiding or editing out leashes, and more. With the number of people getting dogs increasing, the number of dog photographers is also rising.

So if you’re wanting to take an afternoon up American Fork Canyon or spend the morning out by the Bonneville Salt Flats having a fun dog photoshoot, check out these dog photographers in the Salt Lake City area to meet your needs.

Finding the Perfect Pet Photographer

You’ll have to do some digging before scheduling your pup’s photoshoot. Choosing a photographer can be a little daunting, especially when there’s so many out there. You may want to ask yourself the following: 

  • Are you looking for family shots or just photos of your pup? 
  • Do you want posed portraits or some fun candids? 
  • What is your budget? 
  • What kind of background do you want? Indoor studio or outdoor backgrounds? 

Once you have an idea for what kind of photo shoot you want and how much you’re hoping to pay, you can start perusing through these local dog photographers, what they specialize in, and how they could be the photog for you! 

Getting Your Dog Photo Ready

When preparing to have your dog’s photos taken, there are definitely a few things you should do to best set yourself up for success. The first, and probably most obvious is to bathe or get your dog groomed. Before having professional portraits done is not the right time to try out a new groomer. Do a test run or book your go-to groomer at least one to two weeks prior to your photos. Doing so gives your pup’s fresh cut some time to settle. Some groomers book out several weeks in advance so you’ll also be glad you gave yourself a time buffer.

If you’re more the do-it-yourself type, take some time to thoroughly brush out your dog’s coat (we love using the Furminator and the Mane and Tail Detangler Spray). After that, save yourself some hassle by checking out one of the awesome DIY Dog Washes in the area. You’ll have access to a variety of shampoos, conditioners, and other treatments to ensure your dog is looking picture perfect.

Another thing to consider prior to your photo session is if you’d like your dog to wear any accessories. Many pet owners own a variety of collars, bandanas, tags, and other accessories (we’re guilty!) for their pup. Giving yourself time to think about your dog’s wardrobe can help ensure everything is clean and in good condition. If you’re considering a new accessory for the occasion, we’re obsessed with the bandanas from Provo-based Remy and Roo. And at only $25 for a 4-pack, you won’t break the bank with this new addition.

While you’re packing your bag to go, don’t forget your dog’s favorite treats. Your photographer will likely have some delicious snacks on him or her as well, but it’s nice to have something your pet is guaranteed to love.

Lastly, schedule some time before your photo session for your pup to get a little bit of energy out. Whether it’s a brisk walk, quick run at the dog park, or some extra time to sniff the photo location, your pup will be more cooperative once he’s had some time to settle down.

Utah Pet Photographers

Fuzzy Love Photography

Dawn McBride, from Fuzzy Love Photography works hard to create exceptional photoshoot sessions for you and your dog. She truly values her client’s trust and strives to earn not only your repeat business, but your friendship when working with you and your animals.

Fuzzy Love Photography has won several awards for her work from Best in State, Peerspace, Pets in the City, and the Goat Journal. You’ll love working with Dawn especially if you’re looking for a fun and creative photographer who is willing to work in some fantasy or photoshopped elements if you’re wanting a unique piece for your home.

Take a Hike Photography

So you like hiking? 

And you like getting those sweet, sweet shots of your dogs with Utah’s gorgeous mountains in the background? 

Well if you’re looking for a professional photographer to capture the shots instead of using your phone’s camera default settings — Lexie Clayburn from Take A Hike Photography wants to come with you! 

Lexie enjoys capturing the goofy, fun spirit of your pet and will help you get the most candid shots of them at play. No need to stress about letting your dog express himself- Lexie prides herself on taking the time needed to perfectly capture your pup. You can also look for her cute styled studio sessions she holds at events throughout the year. She often makes appearances at events like Yappy Hour and local pet stores. Check out Take A Hike Photography’s website to see examples of Lexie’s work and get in touch with her!

Chile Dog Photography

Kim Kuhlman, Master Photographer, Photographic Craftsman, and Certified Professional Photography through the Professional Photographers of America, and owner of Chile Dog Photography, is one of the most decorated photographers in the Salt Lake City area. 

Chile Dog Photography has over two decades of experience putting together photos that will wow clients. Kim offers private sessions and specializes in both studio photos, as well as action shots. She loves to take classical portraits that capture a dog’s whimsical image. Chile Dog Photography also photographs a wide variety of dog sports and agility competitions, as well as several equine events. Kim is passionate about giving back to the community by helping local shelters photograph their adoptable pets. To learn more or book a session with Kim, visit the Chile Dog Photography website

Pets R Family

Lisa Olsen is passionate about your pet being as much a part of the family as your children or partner. That’s why she started Pets R Family, to help give pet owners an option for photographing their furry family members. Although her studio is located in Ogden, Lisa is willing to travel around Northern Utah for your photography needs.

Pets R Family specializes in studio style portraits with unique backgrounds, including celebration of life and cake smash birthday photos (check out our guide to planning the best birthday for your pup!). Lisa is committed to helping you every step of the way to create images and an experience that are perfect for you and your pet. As a licensed pet psychologist, she works to make your pet feel as comfortable as possible during your photo session.

The Photo Box 

Another great options for a dog photographer in Salt Lake City is The Photo Box. Owned by Scott Gianchetta, who has been photographing since he was 14 years old, The Photo Box’s emphasis is on creating a memorable experience that will only appreciate in sentimental value. The Photo Box specialized in studio photos with unique props and backgrounds and are well known for their holiday photos. Their studio is located in Layton but they’re able to shoot on location as well, depending on the type of photos you’d like to capture of your pup. Scott also offers a unique “Puppy Program” where you’ll receive 50% off your 1 and 2 year birthday photos and get a free 8×10 print after booking your initial puppy session. What a great way to capture your pup as he grows! Visit The Photo Box’s website for more information on pricing and offerings.

Go capture those memories!

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