Dog Park Guide: Rotary Glen Dog Park

If you’re looking for a less crowded dog park in the Salt Lake City area, Rotary Glen Dog Park may just fit that bill. Nestled at the entrance of Emigration Canyon, this lesser known park offers a quiet retreat for dog owners and their furry friends. With approximately 2 acres of open space, Rotary Glen Park is surrounded by canyon walls that provide a natural barrier, creating a safe and serene environment for dogs to roam freely.

The park features a well-maintained gravel walking path, perfect for a leisurely stroll while your dog explores. Additionally, a convenient dog water fountain ensures your pet stays hydrated during playtime. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful spot away from the hustle and bustle or a scenic location to enjoy a game of fetch with your dog, Rotary Glen Park has it all.

Getting there and parking

Rotary Glen Dog Park is located at 65 Emigration Canyon Rd, Salt Lake City, UT 84108, just past Hogle Zoo at the base of Emigration Canyon. Upon turning into the park, take an immediate left onto a short dirt road that dead ends at the designated dog park. While the parking area does not have any marked spaces, you should have no issue finding a spot. A small bridge over a water drainage ditch markes the official entrance to the dog park. A basic, camping-style restroom is available nearby.

Inside the park

Rotary Glen Dog Park is a unique, unfenced area naturally enclosed by canyon walls, providing a safe environment for dogs. The park primarily consists of a primitive field with a couple basic pieces of dog agility equipment and is best suited for zoomies or a game of fetch. A gravel walking path lined with shade trees surrounds the field, offering a pleasant stroll for visitors. Several trails intersect the park, so encountering other park-goers is not uncommon. While the creek access, once a beloved feature, was fenced off in fall 2023, the Rotary Glen Dog Park remains a good option for dog owners seeking a quieter, less busy dog park experience.

Nearby dog friendly experiences

With Rotary Glen’s close proximity to Emigration Canyon and downtown Salt Lake, there is no shortage of nearby dog friendly attractions if you are looking to extend your day. Several popular hiking trails, such as the Bayliss Fork Trail and the Miner’s Trail, stem from this canyon where dogs are allowed up until the Burrs Fork watershed line.

The closest dog friendly patios to Emigration Canyon are Caputo’s at 15th and 15th, Hub and Spoke Diner, Vessel Kitchen, and Trolley Wing Co. Expanding your travel radius by a few miles opens up an entire hoard of dog friendly restaurant options including Park Cafe, Cucina Wine Bar, Wasatch Brew Pub, Squatters, and more. Check out our dog friendly map to find something on your route!

Final thoughts

Rotary Glen Dog Park is an ideal haven for dog owners seeking tranquility and open space for walking or fetch. Tucked away in a natural setting at the entrance to Emigration Canyon, it offers a quiet escape from city life, making it one of the least frequented parks in the area. The park’s serene environment, combined with ample room for dogs to explore, creates a perfect spot for both relaxation and play. For those in search of a peaceful and scenic place to enjoy time with their pets, Rotary Glen Dog Park is a wonderful choice.

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