6 Mobile Pet Groomers in Salt Lake City

For most dogs nowadays, grooming is part of their regular routine. But sometimes regular old life gets in the way of us seeking groomer services as much as we’d like. For other pups, visiting the groomer is their worst nightmare- a loud, stressful environment away from their home and their person.

Lucky for everyone, Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas offer a myriad of DIY self-serve dog washes that you can visit to get your pup spruced up and ready for that dog photo shoot you have planned. 

And if a DIY wash or standard grooming appointment isn’t the right fit, Salt Lake City has several mobile pet groomers for you to check out and hire for your next groom. 

Why Hire A Mobile Pet Groomer? 

Hiring a mobile pet groomer can have many benefits. If your pup doesn’t do well at the groomer or has a hard time with certain parts of grooming, then they may do better in a lower stress environment being given one on one attention. Grooming salons can be loud, busy, and full of unfamiliar sights and smells. Your dog will also likely need to be dropped off and picked up several hours later, likely leading to some additional kennel time.

While traditional groomers are a great option for most, mobile dog groomers typically offer services within a mobile grooming salon that can be parked right in front of your house. Not only does this save you time, but your dog is likely to feel more comfortable with home (and pawrents) in sight.

Unless you have multiple dogs, you can expect that a mobile groomer will be 100% dedicated to your dog only and can provide extra reassurance and attention for nervous pups. If your dog needs a little something extra to take the edge off, we love the hemp options from Salt Lake based Healthy Hemp Pet!


Finding The Best Groomer For Your Dog 

In order to choose the best mobile groomer for your pup, you need to determine what is most important to you. 

Are you looking for a convenient option that makes it so you can still work from home, uninterrupted, while your pup gets a wash? Are you looking for the best price? Maybe you’re looking for a groomer who uses a specific kind of shampoo for dogs with coats similar to yours. 

Whatever you’re seeking, you’ll want to do your due diligence and do thorough research to ensure you know everything you can about the groomers in your area. Don’t be afraid to ask for a referral from friends, family, neighbors, your breeder, and your vet. 

You can also always explore groomer reviews on Google and note any significant positive or negative experiences people have given feedback on. Be sure to scan or search for things that are important to you. When you choose a groomer you’re putting a lot of trust in them to ensure your dog is well taken care of and can achieve the look you’re going for.

Most groomers are on social media these days also, so you’ll likely be able to find photos of their work on Facebook or Instagram. You can easily find out if they have experience with your specific breed, get questions answered, and see before and after pictures.

Lastly, you’ll need to ensure that the groomer travels to your area so check their website for their full coverage map.

What To Expect From A Mobile Groomer Experience

There’s no doubt that a mobile grooming experience is more convenient than taking your pup to an in-shop groomer. Your pup will love the ease of the process and so will you. Here are a few things you should expect: 

  • Services: Most mobile groomers offer the same service you’ll find in a traditional pet spa. In addition to baths, trims, and full grooms, add on services usually include nail trims, eye and ear cleaning, and anal gland expression.

  • Cost: You should expect to pay a premium for the convenience of a mobile grooming experience. The groomer is traveling to you and bringing all their tools with them to provide your pup with a great groom. In the Salt Lake City area you should prepare to pay around $85-$150 per groom, excluding tip.

  • Cage Free: Your dog will (hopefully) appreciate the attention a mobile groomer can provide to them. Plus, your dog won’t have to be kenneled for any part of the grooming process. You’ll have a calmer pup who bounds out back to you after the final spritz of dog cologne. 

  • Speed: Mobile grooms can take just as long as an in-store groom. Keep in mind that most mobile groomers work on their own in a van and want to give your pup a high-quality bath and haircut.  You will, however, save time on driving and your pup will not have to have a lengthy stay on site.

  • Tipping: While not expected but definitely appreciated, consider tipping your groomer like you would when getting your own hair done. When tipping a mobile groomer, tips usually range from 10-20% when using a card or in the range of $10+ if paying with cash. Whatever you decide to tip your groomer, they’ll appreciate the token of a job well done.

Mobile Groomers in Salt Lake City


Aussie Pet Mobile

Aussie Pet Mobile serves both dogs and cats on the eastern side of Salt Lake County from Draper, Sandy, and Murray up to North Salt Lake, Woods Cross, and Bountiful in Davis County. Their team of groomers strives to treat your pet like family and uses only environmentally friendly products for their services.

Aussie Pet Mobile prides themselves on their comprehensive 15-step groom, which includes three full brush outs:

  1. On Site Grooming Assessment

  2. Clip Nails

  3. Brush out knots and debris

  4. Shampoo in heated Hydrobath

  5. Clean Eyes

  6. Clean Ears

  7. Initial Rinse

  8. Brush/Massage in Hydrobath

  9. Final Rinse

  10. Towel Dry Face

  11. Hand Blow Dry Body

  12. Trim Paw Pads

  13. Final Brush and Fluff

  14. Light Fragrance (with owner approval)

  15. Tasty Treat (with owner approval)

Aussie Pet Mobile can also assist with specialized services, such as flea and tick baths, for an additional charge.

To get information on pricing, give them a call at (801) 803-5303 or request an appointment online


Salt Lake Mobile Pet Services

With over 10 year of grooming experience, Miguel runs Salt Lake Mobile Pet Services which services most of Salt Lake County, including West Valley City, Taylorsville, and South Jordan. Salt Lake Mobile Pet Services prides themselves providing a stress-free, personal, and sanitary environment that your dog looks forward to. Lucky for residents of Salt Lake City, Miguel’s mobile grooming van offers standing appointments from every two weeks up to eight weeks. This keeps your pet’s coat in a healthy manageable condition, which is a win-win for everyone.

Salt Lake Mobile Pet Services grooms include: 

  • Heated bath

  • Fluff & blow dry

  • Ears cleaned & hair pulled (If requested)

  • Pads cleaned

  • Anal glands

  • Nails trimmed and filed

  • Breed cut or shave down

  • Body spray

Prices range from $70 to $120, depending on the size of the dog. To make an inquiry, text their team at 801-702-3231 with your name, address, and dog’s information.


We Call It Puppy Love

We Call It Puppy Luv, although based in South Salt Lake City, covers the Salt Lake valley with their mobile grooming service for cats and dogs. While they started their business in the mobile grooming van, they’ve recently opened a brick and mortar pet salon too.

We Call It Puppy Luv is family-run mobile groomer who was inspired by the love they have for their own animals to start a business where they can show the community just how much they love caring for animals. 

At We Call It Puppy Luv, the groomers can work any breed and coat type. Their services offer your dog the following: 

  • Light de-matting 

  • Hair trim/cut and style

  • Teeth brushing 

  • Heated water bath

  • Shampoo & conditioner treatment 

  • Blow dry, 

  • Nails filed and ears cleaned 

They charge a flat rate of $85/hour and require a minimum of one-hour bookings, which is usually sufficient for a small dog. Their staff can happily assist with a rough time estimate based on your pup’s grooming needs.

We Call It Puppy Luv loves giving back to the community, so when you purchase a bath for your pup, they donate one to a community member in need. You can check them out on Facebook and Instagram to find out who they’re helping in the community and what they’re up to.   

Visit their website to book your appointment online.

Dogs Gone Dapper

Dogs Gone Dapper is a talented team of two dedicated to providing your canine buddy with a low stress grooming experience that will leave them clean, cute, and happy. Kendra and Liz are both animal lovers who have spent time with dogs their entire lives. 

Dogs Gone Dapper brings the convenience of mobile grooming services to your door. Their self-contained salon on wheels has everything needed for a quality grooming experience, including warm water, a full size tub, grooming station, and quality grooming products. They will work with you to discuss your dog’s lifestyle and recommend the best grooming package to fit your needs.

When you book a groom with Dogs Gone Dapper, your pup will be revitalized with the following: 

  • Scrub and wash with spa quality shampoos and conditioners

  • Full blow dry 

  • Complete brush and comb out

  • Matt removal

  • Grooming, including hand scissoring

  • Sanitary tidy up

  • Nail trim

  • Ear cleaning and plucking

  • Anal gland expression (upon request)

Depending on the size of your pup, grooms range anywhere from $75-145; you can check out their services offered on their site.

To book an appointment, call or text them at 801-509-8085. They are available for appointments Tuesday-Saturday 9am-5pm. 


Bubbles and Bows

Bubbles and Bows offers mobile grooming services to residents of South Jordan, Herriman, and Riverton. 

Bubbles and Bows is all about promoting convenience and ease of grooming. Why waste time going to the groomer when you can hire someone to come to you? They know you’re busy so they offer appointments that are approximately an hour and a half long start to finish. 

When you book your dog’s grooming with Bubbles and Bows your package includes the following: 

  • Premium shampoo bath

  • Remoisturizing conditioner 

  • Blueberry facial 

  • Nail clipping 

  • Nail buffing 

  • Teeth brushing

  • Ear cleaning

  • 15 Minute brush out

  • Sanitary trim

  • Feet trim

  • Cologne/perfume spritz

  • Bandana

  • Anal gland expression

Owned by a mother of two, Bree is a hard-working groomer who is dedicated to showing your pup the love she shows her own dog and children. You can book your appointment online or by calling Bree at 385.315.0542. 


Mountainside Mobile Pet Grooming

Launched in 2021, Mountainside Mobile Pet Grooming is here to serve the pet citizens of Cottonwood Heights, Draper, Holladay, Midvale, Murray, Sandy, South Jordan, Taylorsville, and West Jordan. The owners of Mountainside Mobile Pet Grooming have been in the grooming industry since 2006, building their skills to better serve their own community in Utah. 

Mountainside operates out of a trailer they built and designed themselves to be optimal for groomers and pets. Pet safety is super important to Mountainside and their trailer allows for one on one care where the groomer can keep an eye out for your pup at all times. 

Mountainside prides themselves in using eco-friendly tools and products that work wonders for the coats of the pups who see them. They use all natural, botanical shampoos and conditioners for all grooms and don’t charge extra for it. 

Booking an appointment with Mountainside gets your pup a full service groom that includes:

  • Full body cut 

  • Shampoo

  • Tear-free facial 

  • Conditioner

  • Leave-in coat care spray

  • No-heat fluff dry 

  • Full body brush out

  • Nail trim & filing 

  • Facial trim 

  • Sanitary trim

  • Paw pad & foot trim

  • Breath freshener 

  • Ear cleaning 

Grooms range in price from $80-200 depending the size of your pup, so be sure to check out their pricing list for full details. You can also book online whenever you’re ready to schedule. 

Prepare For An Easy Grooming Experience

Take the hassle out of getting your pup groomed and consider using a mobile grooming experience. While it may be slightly more expensive than a traditional grooming appointment at a pet salon, mobile grooming is a great option if you need a convenient at-home option or have a pupper who might need a lower stress environment with a groomer. 

No matter what option you choose, be sure to do any needed research into your grooming options. Your pup will thank you! 

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This post contains affiliate links which result in Dog Friendly SLC making a small commission. By shopping products we recommend, you ensure that we can keep finding dog friendly places in Salt Lake City and Utah. We appreciate your support!

This post may contain affiliate links which result in Dog Friendly SLC making a small commission. By shopping products we recommend, you ensure that we can keep finding dog friendly places in Salt Lake City and Utah. We appreciate your support!