Affordable Dog Dental Care Around Salt Lake City

Dog dental care is one of the not always fun, but very important parts of having a pet. Unfortunately sometimes brushing isn’t enough to prevent the need for more in-depth dental care. Many pet owners don’t understand the full scope or cost of pet dental care so you may be susceptible to some sticker shock. Luckily, we’ve rounded up some of the most affordable teeth cleaning options in Salt Lake City, Utah to get your dog’s teeth cleaned and taken care of.

Nearly any veterinary clinic offers standard pet dental care so, if possible, go to your regular vet –  they know your dog, their medical history ,and temperament well. Your regular vet will already have a thorough understanding of your dog and its needs as a whole (and it will save you money on potential exam fees and bloodwork if you’ve had it done recently).

Most clinics only offer sedated dog dental care, meaning your dog will be put under anesthesia for the procedure. While slightly nerve-wracking and costly, undergoing anesthesia helps reduce stress on your pet and helps staff get things done safely, efficiently, and thoroughly. If your pet has only minor dental needs and you want to keep costs down, we’ve found a couple of options for non-sedated dental care. Consult with your veterinary to see if your dog is a candidate for non-sedated care, depending on the severity of the dental issues and temperament of your dog. If your pup needs any tooth extractions, they’ll need to be put under. No one wants to be awake while a tooth gets pulled!

Taking care of your dog’s teeth isn’t just about solving issues with scaling and extractions, it is about preventative care so you don’t end up with an even bigger bill down the road. And, most dogs (and owners) would benefit from less-stinky breath.

Remember, when it comes to your pup’s mouth, preventative care and what you do at home is just as important as what the vet can do. Treats and toys made for cleaning your dog’s teeth are a great tool. Chewing is an easy way your dog can keep their mouth clean and fresh. You can always go the traditional tooth brush route too- explore options here!

Low Cost Pet Dental Care in Salt Lake City

Let’s jump into our list of low cost dog dental care options in Salt Lake City. Note that many veterinary offices require an exam before a dental appointment, those prices are noted where necessary.

Midvalley Animal ClinicTaylorsville | $320-$700

  • Sedated only, Blood work required

  • Extraction Price: Varies by dog and tooth

  • Exam fee $50 (pre-dental consult required)

    Midvalley can provide a rough estimate over the phone: 801-269-1213

Salt Lake Spay & NeuterMurray | $350-$550

Salt Lake Spay and Neuter is known for providing low-cost vet care. All dental procedures come with the following:

  • Sedation

  • Scaling & Polishing

  • X-Rays (if needed)

  • Extractions (if needed)

  • Pain medication and antibiotics

  • Blood work

  • IV catheter & fluids

Banfield Pet HospitalMultiple Utah Locations | $400-$450

  • Sedated only

  • Extractions: $70-$90 per tooth

  • Exam fee: $50

    Banfield offers membership plans for $35-$60 per month (depending on your pet), you get one free dental cleaning per year. Learn more about their membership options for puppies and dogs here.

Sugar House Veterinary HospitalSugar House | $205+

  • Sedated & non-sedated

  • Extractions: Varies

  • Exam fee: $61Sugar House Vet offers both sedated and non-sedated dental care for dogs. The non-sedated option is $205 while the sedated option ranges from $600-$1200.

Murray Animal HospitalMurray | $400+

  • Sedated (blood work required)

  • Extractions: Varies

  • Exam fee: $40

    Murray Animal Hospital used to be called Healing Hearts, but it is still the same ownership and doctors. The vets are passionate about preventative care and are happy to give advice on what you can do at home to help your dog’s mouth stay healthy.

Animal Medical ClinicBountiful | $210+

  • Sedated & non-sedated

  • Extractions: Varies

    Animal Medical Clinic uses a rating system to determine the price and type of dental procedure your dog needs. Ratings 1-2 are non-sedated ($210) and ratings 3-4 are sedated ($700-$1300).

Redwood Veterinary HospitalSalt Lake City | $400+

  •  Sedated only

  • Extractions: Varies

  • Free exam for dental procedures

    Redwood Veterinary Hospital provides a complimentary exam before all dental procedures. Services vary from $400-$1500, depending on the severity of dental work needed.

HeartsongClearfield | $90+

  •  Sedated

  • Extractions: $10-$25

Heartsong is a spay and neuter clinic and one of the cheapest options on the list with dental care starting at only $90.

West Lake Animal HospitalTaylorsville | $160-$220+

  • Sedated & non-sedated

  • Exam fee: $50

    Westlake Animal Hospital offers a subscription-like program in which you can get a non-sedated cleaning once a month for $160.

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This post contains affiliate links which result in Dog Friendly SLC making a small commission. By shopping products we recommend, you ensure that we can keep finding dog friendly places in Salt Lake City and Utah. We appreciate your support!

This post may contain affiliate links which result in Dog Friendly SLC making a small commission. By shopping products we recommend, you ensure that we can keep finding dog friendly places in Salt Lake City and Utah. We appreciate your support!