Non-Competition Agility Workshop

June 1, 2024
12:30 PM
- 2:00 PM
Magna, Utah

Have you ever found yourself wanting to try agility with your dog, but not on a competition level? Or maybe you just want to have a fun outing with your pup to see if they will go through a tunnel or weave through the weave poles. The photos and videos you could take for social media are endless with the Non-Competition Agility Workshop. This workshop is designed specifically for the beginner dog and dog owner who just want to see what it’s about. No previous experience or knowledge is necessary. This workshop doesn’t follow competition rules. It is laid back and designed for the dog owner who wants to try the equipment without worrying about official technique and rules. If you decide you are interested in official, competition agility, Training to a T can recommend trainers.

Your dog will be introduced to several pieces of equipment and then allowed to run a mini non-competition level agility course. It is open to dogs who have a solid recall (or are okay with working on a leash) and are okay around other dogs and people. If your dog has any reactivity issues, please refrain from our group class, but reach out about a private workshop option (below).

Equipment you will be working with includes weave poles, standard jump, tire jump, long tunnel, short tunnel, a-frame, and pause box.