K9 Health and Wellness Clinic at the Club

April 6, 2024
9:00 AM
- 8:00 PM
Exam $65
208 W Lucy Avenue

Make your next vet visit fun! Dr. Kate Swain on Mobile Veterinary Options is coming to Pup Tub Club to make it easy for you to give your pup a check up. Exam is $65 with options to add wellness bloodwork and more. Get your shots up to date, too. Schedule a follow up for dental cleaning in May.

Pup Tub Club is Salt Lake City’s newest club just for pups! With 9,000 sq ft of space to run and shaded spots to relax, you and your pup are sure to find a comfy spot to hang out, socialize and have fun. **And see the Vet!** We are looking to host monthly Clinics to help you connect with K9 professionals like Dr Kate to improve your pups health and wellness.

Join the Club options: $10 day pass, $35 monthly pass, $365 yearly pass. See you at the Club!